On August 5, 2005, Southern Stone & Timber was registered by John and Kim Drain with the vision of providing quality aggregate products for the New Zealand and global markets, but it wasn't until late 2007 until that vision was acted upon and became a reality with quality aggregate specific to our needs located and secured, processing facilties were planned, equipment sourced, and by early 2008 a processing facility was in place and operational. In November 2010 planning began on our new processing facility, which became fully operational in February 2012. It incorporates a rotary kiln, further screening plant and a bagging system capable of bagging four 20 kilogram bags of aggregate per minute.

Ownership of the company is now shared by TIR (Turley International Resources) of Mesa, Arizona USA, and the founding owners of the company John and Kim Drain in New Zealand. John is the manager and contact person in New Zealand for the company.

Southern Stone & Timber's core business is the supply of unique decorative aggregates for the global swimming pool, flooring and landscape markets.

The company's location is in the deep south of New Zealand, about 20 minutes drive from Invercargill, overlooking the beautiful Awarua Bay.

The base of operations is set up at 267 Awarua Bay Road, situated on an elevated 105 acre property that yields what we call Glacier Blue - the most highly sought after pebble that we export to our global markets. This pebble is a naturally round, smooth pebble, mostly white in colour, but has some greys and blues with greens sporadically seen throughout to give it that unique look that makes it so highly sought after.

Also to compliment our prime product Glacier Blue, we offer additional products - Jade, Ebony, Southern White, and Gunsmoke - giving us a wide range of selective pebble to offer our customers. We will soon add Southern Gold to our product range. All are sourced from our other quarries in New Zealand which are being developed.

What was once a vision to us, Southern Stone & Timber has become one of the biggest exporters of decorative pebble in New Zealand. Currently we supply pebble in bulk form either bagged or loose to all markets in New Zealand and overseas as well as in 20 kilogram bags.

Southern Stone & Timber has established a facility second to none, that is capable of processing decorative aggregate with either a wet or dry process, capable of bagging product in a larger maxi bags or small bags.

Our end focus and commitment is to supply quality product at competitive prices to all customers.


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