100% Natural

All our pebbles and aggregate are sourced locally either from our onsite quarry or various other South Island locations. Our products are 100% natural and are naturally shaped round and smooth by the geological forces of New Zealand. We provide all sizes of product in various colours - dry or wet - for any requirements you may have and can be shipped either in bulk, bulk bags or 20kg bags:

Pool Products

/Products - Pool Surfaces/ Glacier Blue - Pool Surface Thumb (JPG - 28kb)Our New Zealand pebbles are not only sought after for swimming pool construction for their unique colours but also their exceptional smoothness and roundness all of which are a naturally occurring characteristic. Here are the colours we currently offer:

Landscape Products

/Products - Landscape/ glacier-blue-square-thumb-100x100 (JPG - 10kb)Our aggregate is processed to the highest standards for a clean product - wet or dry - to bring out the superior natural colours of aggregate stones. With high quality controls in place, our product is exactly sized and packaged to the customers' requirements whether it is in bulk bags, 20kg clear plastic bags, our River Rox bags or sent by bulk. Our products can be used for a variety of projects from architectural landscape projects, garden features, drives, flooring, countertops, walkways, dairy lanes, and much more.

Timber Products

Please keep checking this area. We will offer a range of timber products in the near future.